Justin Smalls

Justin Smalls and Ashley Mincey performing at the FreeWord Fall 2010 show

Major: Undecided

Graduation class: 2014

Hometown: Georgetown, SC

Passions: writing and laughing  😀

Goals: to inspire others to find their own means of self expression

Favorite poem: CP Maze – “Dismantled Machine Guns”

Justin’s videos:


One Response to “Justin Smalls”

  1. Jackie March 28, 2011 at 4:59 pm #

    OH MY GOODESSS I SAW JUSTIN SMALLS AT A.L BROWN HIGH AND HE IS SOOOOOO GOOOOOD AND CUTE , REALLY CUTE IF HE DOESENT HAVE A GIRLFRIEND CALL ME, AND IF HE DOES IM ONLY A FRESHMAN IM YOUNG I DONT KNOW ANY BETTER. No Im not crazy, im just being silly but no really he was a good poet, i love how he started off like “I made this for a girl back a school”. theat got me and all my friends like “awwwwww”. That can really get the eyes of any girl Im just giving you the strand point of a girl hahahaha. But anywho that was a good poetry slam bye…. :}

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