9 Apr

News has reached us all the way from Ann Arbor from the brave, the talented, the dedicated 2011 Davidson College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational team! These crazy cats have been rehearsing nonstop through the rare hours of the night (but seriously), and in a special Davidson preview performance they spat some truly dope pieces – some of which, such as Melissa’s “Guerilla Girl” (now revamped into a group piece with Kate), were true FreeWord classics from the Era of Clint; and some of which, such as Kate and James’s bluegrass-inspired “Dooley,” were brand spanking new. Here’s the recap:

Wednesday performances:
– “Hazel Bryan & Bandaids”  by Kate Kelly
– “Magician” by Ashley Mincey
– “Casey/Brother” by Amanda Ottoway
– “Guerilla Girl” by Melissa Guzman and Kate Kelly

In the words of President “White Thunder” Kate:

Amanda, Melissa and Ashley got up there and rocked it thought. Seriously, these girls were beasts. I have NEVER seen then perform as beautifully as they did that night. Amanda made me cry, Ashley gave me chills and Melissa scared me half to death with her intensity. They were beautiful.

The Davidson team ranked 4th in this round, competing against SUNY Ioneata, UC Santa Cruz and NC A&T.

 Thursday performances:
“Dooley” by James Tolleson and Kate Kelly

“Jam Session” by James Tolleson

“I Should Tell You” by Melissa Guzman

“Swim fan/Stalker” by Ashley Mincey

Again, we were flawless. Everyone gave their best performance yet. This time, the judges listened! We received a first place ranking! We’ve got video of this entire event to share with you guys. It was amazing. There was even a tie in this bout for second place so the two teams had to go head to head. After the face off, they were STILL TIED! It was like a double over-time in the NCAA tournament. So good, so much fun and some really quality poetry all around.

We ranked 1st in this round (I see you, poets!) against Carleton College, SUNY Geneseo and University of Michigan.

“Guerilla Girl” was selected to be featured in the Group Piece Showcase! However, the team decided to surprise the judges with the unveiling of a new piece, “Miss Mary Mack.”

We’re all so proud of this year’s CUPSI representatives – we saw just how much passion, hard work, and late nights went into preparation for competition, and we knew they’d nail it at UMich. Thank you so much Kate, Amanda, James, Melissa, and Ashley for representing FreeWord so amazingly and answering with finality the age old question: “Who is Davidson College, anyway?” If they didn’t know then, they sure know now!


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