What a Weekend for Poetry in Davidson (& Charlotte!)

19 Oct

Last Month…

Rodney Saunders and James Tolleson participated in Slam Charlotte’s Speak Up Youth Slam Event. Representing FreeWord’s 19 and under poets, the duo made it through to the second round with Rodney continuing onto final stage to place as first runner up in the slam.

(Above: Rodney Saunders prepping for the slam)


FreeWord traveled in to Charlotte this past Friday for the monthly Slam Charlotte competition. Kate Kelly made her debut on the Slam Charlotte stage, performing “Thighs, Thighs, Thighs” in the first round, “White Girl” in the third round and “I Hate Poetry” in the third round finals. In the third round she was joined by the poets Blaq Berry (4th place), Mekkah (2nd place) & Ganster Carebear (1st place).  This was the first time in Slam Charlotte history that Final Stage was all-female. Kate ended the night placing third.

(Above: Kate Kelly performing “White Girl” in the second round of Slam Charlotte)


FreeWord and the BSC hosted Davidson’s first-ever impromptu slam featuring the visiting artist N. Stevens. N. Stevens was only in town for the night so we were so lucky to hear his work. The event also featured the poetry of Kelsey Wilson, Elijah Hardway, James Tolleson, Ashley Mincey and Justin Strickland. We had an amazing turn out of 40-ish students. Where else do students leave parties to come hear poetry? Craziness, pure insantiy. Below is a video of N. Stevens’ poetry at the Chocolate Lamp in Lynchburg, VA. Enjoy:

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY…

Justin Strickland, Damion Samuels, Elijah Hardway, Ashley Mincey and Kate Kelly traveled back to Slam Charlotte for the Speak Up Youth Slam Event. Justin, Damion and Elijah represented the 19 and under FreeWord poets in this event. Damion dominated the slam, performing “Torture Rack” “I Hate The News” & “Her Cry.” Justin ranked within the top three poets of the night performing “I Love Chick Flicks,” “Globalization,” & “William Lloyd Garrison.” Elijah gave a fantastic performance of “The Girl My Mother Warned Me About” in the first round before falling victim to the score creep. These guys owned the stage.

(Above: Justin Strickland, Inkera Oshun of Slam Charlotte & Damion Samuels)

FreeWord Poets Support

While FreeWord poets have definitely proven their poetic skills within the past few months, these select poets were supported the entire way by the remaining 22 members of the group. So here’s the first official shout out to the newbys:

Annie Wells, Ashley Mincey, Briana Kordsmeir, Elif Sumerval, Elijah Hardway, Gabriel Perlow, James Mersol, Justin Stickland, Justin Smalls, Khafre Thames, Myles Teasley, Rachel Beeton, Rachel Richardson, Sarah Steely, Taylor Sorillo, Waylen Roche & Will Reese!


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