A Post-Junot, Pre-Powell Pick You Up

5 Oct

The Poet lounges in bed...Are you feeling inspired today?

Here are some great quotes and prompts for your to meditate on and struggle with. Feel free to post responses or additional prompts below as a way of sharing. Enjoy:

“After years of traveling to many continents, meeting thousands of people of different nationalities and exploring all the important philosophies and religions of the world, I…”*

“Down by the river, there are two androids steering their metallic blue Digi-Fin toward the dock. Halbie, the one on the left, leans swiftly to Dalpha’s earhole and whispers softly….”*

“Burned by babes bearing the bruises of unbuilt bodies, I ambled forth into the waning mistlite of this October reverie, whistling to myself that old Don Trip tune…”*

“We were both naked when…”

“When I was born, they said…”

“Their days would sometimes start with a…”

“My [family member] was a…”

“The things we do in the name of…”

“Tongue kissed me technicolor”– SlamCharlotte Sept. 17, 2010

“And that’s where it all began, in the bathroom…”- Junot Diaz

“We talked and it happened…and three days later I cried about it and I was done.”– Junot Diaz

“The book is the ultimate act of faith..you put your hand out into the darkness in hopes that someone else will reach back.”– Junot Diaz

“We don’t live our lives in genre, we live our lives in enormous complexity.”–Junot Diaz

“My family didn’t stop laughing because sh** was hard.”–Junot Diaz

“The best thing for your art is the world…Young Artist, get ye hence”–Junot Diaz

“Get your heart broken on two different continents.”–Junot Diaz

“There will be no other end of the world”–Czeslaw Milosz

“And waking one morning we realize that we have forgotten”–Anna Akhmatova

“The same night whitening the same trees./ We of that time, are no longer the same.”–Pablo Neruda

“And they, like silent veins of silver ore,/ were winding through it’s darkness. Between roots…”–Rilke

“That’s what destiny means; to be opposite/ and nothing but that, always opposite.”– Rilke

“If I die…”–Lorca

“I do not want them to cover his face with handkerchiefs/ that he may get used to the death he carries.”– Lorca

* Denotes prompts provided by Sir Waylen Roche Esquire II


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